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"Preach The Gospel, Plant The Church, In South East Asia"
Bugis People Group

"Bugis Kids At The Mosque"

"Bugis Kids At The Mosque" 2005 by Richard Bartz *

Country:  Indonesia

History: The Bugis people originated in South Sulawesi, but they have been very mobile.  They have built their own ships for generations.  They were among the first settlers in Singapore.  There are also many in Malaysia.  Originally, each Bugis village had its own king and they maintained relationship with other villages through treaties.  When the Dutch came to South Sulawesi in the early 1900’s the Bugis found it more profitable to assist them than to resist them.  The Dutch were more interested in trade than they were in governing so most of the governing was given to trusted Bugis men.  The Bugis  have continued to have most of the high positions in the government in South Sulawesi.  They are also teachers, government workers, bankers, merchants, seamen, fishermen and farmers.

Their Lives:  The Bugis live throughout South Sulawesi and in many other parts of Indonesia.  They are very adaptable.  As a whole, they are well educated and provide a good living for their family.  They are Muslims, but they also have some animistic practices.  They have dukuns (witchdoctors) that practice in the villages and big cities as well.  Islam is a big part of their lives and culture.  The sense of the Islamic community is very powerful among them.  All the Islamic fasts and feasts are strictly observed.  Their culture is rich with traditions.  Two important parts of their cultural values are siri (personal honor) and pesse (community honor).  If a person has been dishonored they must regain their honor and that usually involves revenge or other serious consequences.  If a personal offence has not been rectified the community may become offended (pesse) and take its own revenge to regain the honor for the community.  The individual is honor bound to be a good son or daughter, a good student, a good wife, and a good Muslim. 

Population: 5,972,000

Location: Mostly in South Sulawesi, but they are dispersed throughout Indonesia.

Language:  Bahasa Bugis

Religion:  Islam.  Bugis people are Sunni Muslims and considered to be very strict in adherence although most Bugis follow traditional animistic practices as well.  Offerings to spirits and dead heroes to obtain blessings are common.  Many Bugis wear rings or amulets that are “filled with power” to protect them.  Homes and fields are protected by local spirits invited by animistic practices.  As many as 75% of the women wear a head covering in public in the cities.  Bugis children are not allowed to marry non-Muslims since the wife is automatically the same religion as her husband.  Fasting during the month of Ramadan and celebrating the Islamic holidays are strictly followed. 

Christian %:  0.008 % adherent and .002% evangelistic

Scriptures:  Yes.  Most of the Bugis people are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and there is an Indonesian Bible and the Jesus film as well.

Christian Radio Broadcasts:  Yes. FEBC

Missions Agencies:  Yes, there are several.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the few Bugis Christians, that they will be able to stay within their family and community situations. 

  • Pray that these Christians will live in the Holy Spirit’s power and be a living testimony of Jesus.

  • Pray for the missionaries working among them. 

  • Pray that signs will follow the missionaries and that the Bugis people will receive healing, deliverance, and other miraculous blessings.

  • Pray that the spiritual stronghold they live under will be broken.

  • Pray that they will seek God; to have a closer relationship with him.

  • Pray that God will reveal himself to them in visions and dreams and that they will receive Christ as their Savior.

* Photo © 2005 by Richard Bartz, used with permission. 

Who?  What? Where?

"In a nutshell" as they say, SEAMIST works in South East Asia!  We plant churches in South East Asia.  We try to focus all our efforts and resources on reaching the least reached peoples in South East Asia.

What does "least reached" mean?  It simply means the people groups that have few or no workers reaching out to them, few or no churches or believers in Jesus Christ.  These would be the most needy of all people in the world!

Our workers are trained to use contextual methods to share the good news.  We just want everyone to know about Jesus!  Our goal is always to leave behind a New Testament church. 

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