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"Preach The Gospel, Plant The Church, In South East Asia"
Sino-Burmese People Group

"Dragon Dance In Yangon"

"Dragon Dance In Yangon" 2011 by Htoo Tay Zar *

Country:  Myanmar

History:  The earliest records of Chinese migration into present-day Burma were in the Song and Ming dynasties.  In the 18th century, Ming Dynasty princes settled in Kokang (the northern part of present-day Burma). Chinese traders, however, traveled as far as the capital city as well as northern towns on the Irrawaddy such as Bhamo. Some of them stayed and started a Chinese community at Amarapura, and when King Mindon moved his capital to Mandalay in 1859, the Chinese were the only community that decided to stay behind. Many of their descendants intermarried into the host society and remain important and respected citizens of Amarapura.  The Burmese Chinese or Sino-Burmese are a group of overseas Chinese born or raised in Myanmar. Burmese Chinese is one of largest Overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia and the sixth largest in the Chinese Diaspora.

Their Lives:  Burmese Chinese are well-represented in all levels of Burmese society and play a leading role in the Burmese commerce and business sector as well as public service. Several Burmese Chinese such as Khin Nyunt, Ne Win, and San Yu have been major figures in the Burmese political scene. The Burmese Chinese are also a well established middle class ethnic group and dominate the Burmese economy today.  Moreover, the Burmese Chinese have a disproportionately large presence in Burmese higher education, high powered private sector white collar jobs, and the educated class in Burma.

Population: 15,000

Location:  They live in the south central and adjacent areas of Myanmar.

Language:  Burmese

Religion:  Buddhism

Christian %:  1 % adherent and 0.7 % evangelical

Scriptures:  There is a complete Bible translation and some Christian resources.

Missionaries:  They are unengaged, but there is some local church planting.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that the Lord will send missionaries to the Sino-Burmese people.

  • Pray that the Lord will prepare the people to receive the good news of the Gospel.

  • Pray that a Sino-Burmese church will be planted in Myanmar.

"Dragon Dance In Yangon" 2011 by Htoo Tay Zar *

Who?  What? Where?

"In a nutshell" as they say, SEAMIST works in South East Asia!  We plant churches in South East Asia.  We try to focus all our efforts and resources on reaching the least reached peoples in South East Asia.

What does "least reached" mean?  It simply means the people groups that have few or no workers reaching out to them, few or no churches or believers in Jesus Christ.  These would be the most needy of all people in the world!

Our workers are trained to use contextual methods to share the good news.  We just want everyone to know about Jesus!  Our goal is always to leave behind a New Testament church. 

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