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"Preach The Gospel, Plant The Church, In South East Asia"
Known or Not, They Are Heroes Every One

Most of South East Asia is not a friendly place for missionaries to live!  There is much fear and prejudice against Jesus Christ and Christianity throughout the region of South East Asia.  Some of it is due to competing religions.  Some of it is understandable given the historic connection between Christianity and Colonialism.  Some of it is just the devil working hard to keep the people out of the kingdom of God.

 Below we will give a glimpse of the lives and work of a few of our workers who are in an environment where they are mostly free to share Christ and where the love they have for those who do not yet know Jesus is accepted and appreciated at least a little.

Others will remain "unsung heroes" until we all get to heaven and Jesus welcomes them with praise far greater than the praises of man.  To those SEAMIST workers who are in hard places that we cannot mention we can only say that we wish we could tell everyone how truly great you are and that we all appreciate your faithful service and love for the lost more than words can ever express.  You men and women are the real heroes of God and you will receive your rewards when we see Christ.

The workers highlighted below have all approved of the information we present.  May God bless you as you read about them and encourage you to get involved!  It is easy, just pray!  You want to do more?  No problem... there are a lot of ways to get involved!  Go for it!

Further data is coming soon, pending approval by our workers....  August 10, 2012


Who?  What? Where?

"In a nutshell" as they say, SEAMIST works in South East Asia!  We plant churches in South East Asia.  We try to focus all our efforts and resources on reaching the least reached peoples in South East Asia.

What does "least reached" mean?  It simply means the people groups that have few or no workers reaching out to them, few or no churches or believers in Jesus Christ.  These would be the most needy of all people in the world!

Our workers are trained to use contextual methods to share the good news. We just want everyone to know about Jesus!  Our goal is always to leave behind a New Testament church. 

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