About South East Asia Mission Teams

South East Asia Mission Teams (SEAMIST) is a voluntary missions fellowship made up of men and women focused on reaching the eleven countries of South East Asia. Our mission, that is, the reason we exist, is to preach the gospel and to plant the church among the least reached people groups in South East Asia.

SEAMIST is mission agency in the Philippines that is an extension of SEAMIST USA. Our sending and training base is in Cebu Province, and has been in full operation since 2001. We are closely related to World Indigenous Missions (WIM) in New Braunfels, Texas, USA, and most of the American missionary members of SEAMIST are WIM missionaries as well.

Our vision is: “To Recruit, Equip, Send, and Assist Missionary Teams that Effectively Preach the Gospel and Successfully Plant Churches Among the Least Reached Peoples of South East Asia.” This vision statement tells exactly WHAT we do to fulfill our mission.

Theologically, we are evangelical Christians who appreciate the Pentecostal and charismatic dynamic and expect that our obedience to share the Word of God in faith will be accompanied with supernatural power to witness promised by Jesus. We expect God to do His part both in and through us. We actively seek to be filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit as we minister in Jesus’ Name.

SEAMIST missionaries are pioneers, entrepreneurs, risk takers, shakers and movers, but above all, men and women totally dependent on God to do impossible things where they’ve never been done before. We really do expect to change the world in partnership with our Lord Jesus.

We are grace oriented, that is, we expect all our workers to continue growing up in Christ. We make room for all the problems that come as a result of the callings and giftings we possess. We neither “shoot our wounded” nor excuse ourselves from doing the best we can. We give God time to work out His plan in each of our lives as we patiently encourage and exhort one another onward.

We are goal oriented in that we require our leaders to declare their perception of God’s plan for themselves and their team and then to regularly account for progress towards fulfilling that plan.  Team members are similarly required to declare their goals and strategy to their team and to regularly account for progress.

The following six hopes and aspirations help to define who we are. Everyone working directly with SEAMIST strives to fulfill and achieve these six things:

  •  We focus on the eleven countries of South East Asia.
  •  We focus on the least-reached people groups.
  •  We plant churches.
  • We always work in teams if possible.
  •  We embrace mutual accountability.
  •  We work to continually grow in Christ for God’s glory.

For more information about the philosophy behind these aspirations, you will want to read the Missions Perspectives page. You may also be interested in our Doctrinal Statement. Better yet, you may want to Contact Us and receive personal feedback to your questions and comments. Please do!