What We DO

SEAMIST TRAINS Missionaries, Church Planters, Pastors, Church Workers and more…

Ephesians 4:11-12 explain that the Lord gives leaders to equip the saints to do the work of the minsitry. Training is at the core of what SEAMIST is all about. WE TRAIN!

The SEAMIST Training Center in Cebu Philippines has been training workers since 2001. More than 70 people have been trained to some degree. These 70 people have come from Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, and Australia! Some were trained for two years in a full missionary training course. Several have received the Diploma in Bible Studies through SEAMIST training. Some have simply gone through short term training sessions such as the SEAMIST Church Planter’s Academy and go on to plant churches in many different parts of South East Asia.

Field Traiing events have been held in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. These events have covered such subjects as Indingenous Church Planting, Story-Telling, Evangelism, and others. SEAMIST takes the training to the field where the workers live and work. This helps to make the training more effective because it can be done in context!

SEAMIST also facilitates the use of the International Curriculum from the International School of Ministry in the Cebuano (Bisayan) language througout the south of the Philippines. The ISOM course enables pastors and workers would could not otherwise go to Bible School to get a Diploma in Bible Studies from a western Bible College by completing more the 5 trimesters of study in their local church or setting.


SEAMIST has trained workers that are active in Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Sent by God from all over the world, they stand by faith and preach the gospel to unreached peoples. These workers are all supported by faith in God. They are sent by local churches and supported in their ministry by prayers and support from their local churches, their friends and family, and by people who believe in what these workers and SEAMIST are doing. You can get involvd!

SEAMIST also watches over these workers. This means staying involved with them as leaders and friends. SEAMIST staff prays for them, visits them, challenges them to keep going for the Lord, and stands with them day by day, rejoicing with them and crying with them. SEAMIST is based on close relationships and the workers are the most important part of SEAMIST. Everything SEAMIST does is so that they can continue to work in the field.


SEAMIST stays focused on South East Asia and especially on the many people groups who have really never heard the gospel. SEAMIST asociated workers work among 13 peoples in 5 countries who are considered unreached people groups. Please consider adopting a people to pray for and reach as well as considering adopting a SEAMIST worker who is right out there working to share the good news with an unreached people group!


The vision of SEAMIST is not only to preach the gospel to unreached people groups, but also to plant indigenous churches so that the saints can grow in Christ and spread the good news themselves. Even in reached peoples, SEAMIST strives to help establish indigenous churches that will fulfill the Great Commissions. Strong churches with world missions persepctives are sending bases for the LORD’S ARMY of missionaries who extend His kingdom. SEAMIST will do what we can to assist anyone who wants to plant churches in South East Asia. Our training resources are available to those who ask as far as possible.


SEAMIST does all it can to extend the Kingdom of God into areas and peoples who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord. Events such as seminars and conferences go on all the time. Medical Missions have been done in Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand. SEAMIST hosts short term mission groups for prayer, evanglism, and more. The list will only end when Jesus comes! You can get involved! Contact us today!