Going With SEAMIST

Going To The Mission Field With SEAMIST


  1. A Call from God.  The ONE and ONLY thing that really matters.
  2. A conviction you should serve with South East Asia Mission Teams in South East Asia.
  3. A strong desire to reach an unreached people group.
  4. A Sending Church or Organiaztion.  You have to have a church or organization or leaders who affirm your call and will support you spiritually, emotionally, and financially.
  5. Some training in the Bible and ministry experience.  We can give you some, but you must be mature in your faith and walk with Christ.  We hope for at least a good grounding in God’s Word and some years of service in your local church.
  6. You must be willing to work hard to raise your prayer and financial support.
  7. You must be willing to be trained under a SEAMIST trainer.

How  To Apply


Beutiful FeetBelow are just a few of the things you could do… but the REAL question is, “What does the LORD want you to do?” The important thing NOW is that you DO SOMETHING about what you are HEARING from the Holy Spirit. Contact us even if you don’t find something below… God has a way to fulfill EVERY call. Yes, we really believe that and practice it.

1. Team Leaders To An Unreached People Group

EVERY single country in South East Asia is open… if the Lord is calling you there. Team Leaders are usually married, mature in the faith, entrepreneurial, risk takers, bold witnesses, movers and shakers, and “people” people… You will need to wear many hats to be successful.

You work will be to get an assignment from God to an un-reached people group, study and pray until you get a strategy that will work, recruit members for your team, then get in there and get the gospel preached and the church planted.

We will equip you and assist you to do the work. What you need is a heart’s conviction that you are called to South East Asia and to work with SEAMIST. The rest will all come together in time. Contact us!

2. Team Members

Every Team needs members, men and women that see and believe the team’s vision and commit themselves to accomplishing the mission. No one can do the job alone – not even the team leader; but if everyone does their part, then all will succeed. Team members are usually hard working, persevering, full of faith, teachable, single-minded, determined and zealous. LOYALTY will be one of your foremost qualities.

Your calling and maturity in the Lord will prepare you to be a vital part of a team that reaches out to the most needy people in South East Asia. Don’t worry that you don’t know what to do, how to do it, or where to go… all those things will come into focus in time. Are you called? Then you can do this. Contact us!

3. English Teachers

Especially for Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia. Some opportunities are positions that pay a salary, some are in places where the teacher pays to go… but the need for English is our opportunity to get you into hard places. Don’t worry about qualifications, we can even teach you to teach and get your certification for most areas. Is the Lord of the Harvest answering your prayers to send workers to the field… and calling you? Contact us!

4. Social Workers

Opportunities exist in Indonesia, the Philippines, and most other countries in SEA to reach out with a strategy of helps – of meeting felt needs. Poverty alleviation, medical missions, and education are all ways to touch lives. Social work needs to be carefully balanced with spiritual work, but YOU can do it if you are called to touch lives this way. Project leaders must be able to do it all… strategize, recruit, find resource, and lead. Workers must be teachable, committed to meeting eternal needs more than temporal, and willing to live and work in hard, dirty, lonely and sometimes risky places where people often don’t want to hear the gospel, but only want the benefit. Not for everyone…. but if this is what God is calling you to do, you WILL succeed! Contact us

5. Short term missions

There are really only three areas where short term workers can be very effective in areas where the people still don’t have churches and no one is saved yet… prayer trips, survey trips, and special events. If you are interested in these areas, perhaps we can accommodate you!

Prayer trips are just hard work, you pray 6 to 8 hours a day in an area where Satan opposes you with all his might. It takes months of prayer and research to prepare a successful trip. SEAMIST only considers groups of 5 to 20, only to un-reached groups, and only with leaders who really know that a trip is the will of God for them to lead. Want to do the MOST IMPORTANT thing that can be done on the missions field…? Contact us!

Survey trips are for those who know they are called to a people group and want to go in and get all the information they can on-site. SEAMIST will facilitate such trips as the Lord leads and when it is mutually beneficial. We network with many missions groups so whatever group you want to survey, we are open to proposals and not at all inhibited about putting mutually interested parties in touch with each other when we can. Got a call to a people group…? Want to get first hand info…? We can help. Contact us.

Special events are things like crusades or medical clinics or outreaches or whatever that the Lord wants to do to connect you and your resources with the needs of the lost or the various missions workers wherever in South East Asia they are. We look for desire on your part to do it, the leading of the Lord to help you, and the BIG question of how it will accomplish preaching the gospel and planting the church in South East Asia. Got an idea…? A dream…? A heart’s desire…? Contact us.

6. You can pay an Asian to go in your place. This is a GREAT deal for everyone!  The Asian or African worker goes and does the work, you pay the bills, you both get the rewards! Contact Us!

7. Anything else…? Contact us…!