Missionary Application

Applying To Be A SEAMIST Missionary

Below is a BRIEF PRELIMINARY APPLICATION form that will give the SEAMIST staff some idea of who you are and your call to missions.  This is not a full application, but will serve to help you and SEAMIST understand your call.

If you fill it out and submit it, we will respond to you quickly and give you an idea of how we think you might be able to fulfill your call to missions.  If the Board of Directors reviews this application favorably, they will invite you to submit a full application to join SEAMIST.  If not, they will advise you why and what they feel you may need further in order to fulfill your call.

Please pay attention to the following basic requirements before you apply:

  1. A Call from God.  The ONE and ONLY thing that really matters.
  2. A conviction you should serve with South East Asia Mission Teams in South East Asia.
  3. A strong desire to reach an unreached people group.
  4. A Sending Church or Organiaztion.  You have to have a church or organization or leaders who affirm your call and will support you spiritually, emotionally, and financially.
  5. Some training in the Bible and ministry experience.  We can give you some, but you must be mature in your faith and walk with Christ.  We hope for at least a good grounding in God’s Word and some years of service in your local church.
  6. You must be willing to work hard to raise your prayer and financial support.
  7. You must be willing to begin be trained under a SEAMIST trainer.

Missionary Preliminary Application:

Your Full Name:
Your Address
City, State or Province
Your Postal Code
Your Birth Date
If MARRIED:  Spouse Name
Their Birthdate
Marriage Date
Names and Birthdays:
Your Email Address:
Your Phone Number:
Tell About Your CALL:

Use as much room as you need to, we want to know wha tyou believe God is calling you to do.

Your Church or Organization:

Give the Name and Address

Your Pastor or Leader:
Please give Name and Phone or Email Address
If NOT ok to contact your pastor / leader, tell WHY:
Tell why you are interested in joining SEAMIST?
BRIEFLY tell about your training and ministry experience:
Tell SEAMIST anything else you think we need to know: