SEAMIST Associates

SEAMIST Associates

The SEAMIST Associates Program is a new program to promote networking among people, churches, and organizations that are interested in mission work in South East Asia.  It is for all those who wish to see the Kingdom of God advance throughout the region through the mission efforts of South East Asia Mission Teams.  We invite YOU to participate.

Benefits of being a SEAMIST Associate.  As a SEAMIST Associate, you will be an insider with access to some of the “goings on” within our organization.  You will receive reports and updates from all our missionaries.  You will enter into a closer relationship with all the SEAMIST staff and leaders through a deeper sharing of the inner workings of SEAMIST and the vision to preach the gospel and plant the church in South East Asia.  If you are a pastor or church planter, you will have our prayers and spiritual covering, and you will have some of the benefits of our training and networking.  You will have access to most of the SEAMIST missionaries and associates.  You will receive encouragement and insight through special communications from the staff, missionaries, and other associates.  You will receive an Associate Member’s  ID Card and Certificate.

Requirements.  All that is required from you, your church, or your organization to become  a SEAMIST Associate is that you desire to be associated, that you give us the information we need to know you are sincere and who you say you are, and your own testimony that you feel it is God’s will to network together with SEAMIST.

Responsibilities of being a SEAMIST Associate.  As a SEAMIST Associate, we expect you to stay informed and be actively involved in the SEAMIST mission.  We will ask and expect you to pray every day for the unreached peoples of South East Asia, for our missionaries, for the staff and other associates.  You will be informed every month of the needs and who we pray for daily as well as the “people group of the day”.  We expect you to faithfully contribute whatever resources the Lord gives you specifically for SEAMIST, that is, your resources such as ministry work, spiritual gifts, support funds, field work or visits, encouragement, prayers, whatever God gives you to give to SEAMIST.  We ask and  pray only that you do God’s will in this area!  Organizations and churches are expected to appoint one representative to SEASMIST who will keep the organization informed and involved in whatever ways the Lord leads them.

How To Become A SEAMIST Associate.  Fill out this form.  All fields are required.  We will contact you about your desire to be an associate and probably ask for a little more information.  Them as soon as the SEAMIST Board of Directors accepts your application, you will be an associate!  We will send you an Associate’s Card and Certificate, and begin to inform you regularly of all that is going on in SEAMIST.  You will also get access to special parts of our website as they are developed during 2009.

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Finally, please tell us in a few words how you feel SEAMIST Associate Membership can benefit you.  What do you hope to get from our relationship?  What can we do to bless your life and ministry?
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