Three Ways To Send!

SO…  you CAN’T go?  You CAN be involved and make a real difference in numberless lives.  Everyone can get involved in God’s work by praying, giving, and mobilizing.

Praying!  The most important way of all!

You can pray!  You have the power to change the world with your prayers.  God answers prayer!  The LORD especially answers prayer when you UNITE yourself with others in agreement.  BEST OF ALL is when you do that regularly!

Here are some ideas of how to pray!

Giving!  The easiest way to get involved!

Giving to missions and missionaries is EASY.  This is the way most folks get involved.  No real time is required, you just send some money.  It can be a one time thing or BETTER is to get involved with a missionary worker or some extended mission project and give REGULARLY to support the work.  BEST of all is to commit to a long-term work or worker that you PRAY for as well.

Here is how you give to SEAMIST.

Mobilizing!  It is what LOVERS of God’s Work do!

Mobilizing people and resources is not easy but it is one of the most effective ways to get involved on a big scale.  Honestly, if you are not praying and giving already, mobilizing is not YET for you! Get busy praying and giving, it will create a hungering in your heart to do more and empower you to get others involved.

Here are some ideas on mobilizing.