How To Pray

Praying For Missions and Missionaries

Have you ever wondered why missionaries are always asking for prayer?  One of the best ways to know how to pray for missions and missionaries is to understand why missionaries need prayer.  Below are some of the reasons that missionaries need prayer.  Every missionary understands the need for prayer support, in fact, no mission or missionary can function well without people praying regularly for them.

Below are listed some of the needs that almost all missionaries experience.  When you pray for missionaries, you are praying for missions.  As you understand the needs, the Holy Spirit will give you ideas about how to pray.  Although praying for missions generally is a good idea, the best prayers are going to be born out of a relationship with the missionary or church planter working in the field.  We encourage you to become involved with someone who is on the field doing mission work.

Kingdom Extension

Missionaries are invading the devil’s territory.  Satan likes to keep control of what he believes is his.  He will resist every effort to overcome his authority.  He will do everything in his power to distract, discourage, and to defeat the missionaries.  They need prayer for protection.  Only the Lord can protect their health, give them rest, keep them from having accidents, and enable them to ignore the attacks of the devil.  So pray for protection so that the missionary can stay focused on his work.

The Holy Spirit

Every missionary really needs a good connection to the throne of God.  There are so many challenges to his life and work that you must depend upon the Lord to guide him day by day.  He needs stability in his life because so many people depend on him.  He needs maturity in his life because so many people look up to him.  He needs the Presence of the Lord to keep him holy, focused, and strong.  Above all, he needs wisdom for the work of the Lord.  Pray that your missionary is filled with the Holy Spirit frequently.

The Family

Mission work is difficult.  It demands a lot of a missionary family.  Again, Satan will try to defeat them in order to keep the Kingdom of God from expanding.  A missionary needs a good relationship with their spouse.  They need to keep their marriage relationship strong.  They need stability in their families.  Pray for a good home life wherever the missionary lives.  Pray that your missionaries take plenty of time for their families and are able to “escape” and rest often.

Sons and daughters are a great blessing from Lord.  They’re not expendable, they must have good care, adequate support, good education, and above all know that they’re more important than anything else in the world to their parents.  Pray for wisdom for the fathers and the mothers of missionary kids so that they can bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Pray for protection from every attack of the evil one.


Missionaries face many problems that can discourage them because they don’t always know what to do or how to handle those problems.  Even after many years on the Mission Field, there are many frustrations that can hinder the work of the Lord.  Living in another culture, communicating in another language, and living in a sometimes hostile or difficult environment can wear down even a veteran.  Discouragement is one of the most common problems missionaries face.  Pray that your missionary maintains a good devotional life with God.  Pray that they are filled with the Spirit frequently.  Pray that they maintain good accountable relationships with their spouses and with other missionaries.


A good missionary makes a life in the land of his calling.  Many missionaries have children.  Sometimes missionaries have to work in order to have a visa or to provide support for their families.  Sometimes it’s hard to say no to demands to do other kinds of ministry.  All these things can challenge a missionary lose focus.  Every missionary must frequently be remnded why he is on the Mission Field.  They must remember why God has placed them in that place.  Pray that the missionary can stay focused on his work.  Pray that the Lord will refresh his vision every day.  Pray that he will be reminded often about the urgency of his work.


Usually when we think of supporting a missionary we think of money.  Every mission and missionary appreciates those who support financially the work that they do.  Money is important because it enables them to do things.  Money of course can be a distraction as well.  Pray that your missionary has enough money to do everything God wants him to do.  Pray that he has enough money to care for his family properly.  Pray that God gives him wisdom to use the money according to the will of the Lord.  Pray that the missionary will neither be stingy nor overly generous, but always be led by the Spirit of the Lord in sharing and spending money.

The Work Of The Lord

The missionary is sacrificing much for a very important reason.  His answering the call of God to extend the Kingdom of God into new areas and places.  Souls depend on his obedience and success eternally.  Satan has blinded the minds of the people who live where missionaries work.  (2 Corinthians 4:4) so the work is always difficult.  The missionary needs wisdom to know how to do the work.  He needs perseverance to stay at it long enough to succeed.  He needs the help of the Holy Spirit to communicate to the hearts of the lost.  He needs they filling of the Holy Spirit to be a witness for Jesus Christ.  Pray that the work of the Lord makes good progress according to the will of God.


Jesus commander that we should pray to him, the Lord of the harvest, that he would send workers into harvest feels that were ripe and ready to be harvested.  (Luke 10:2)  Teams always do better than single missionaries.  Pray for other missionaries to come alongside a share the burden.  Pray for national workers to help the missionary and a takeover the work themselves.  Pray for harvesters for the harvest fields of the Lord.  Pray for good relationships with other missionaries and organizations on the Mission Field.

In conclusion, the list above just begins to touch on some of the many needs of missionaries for prayer.  The best way to know how to pray for your missionary is to communicate with them often, ask them how you can pray for them, share their sorrows and their joys, get to know them.  As you participate in the life of a missionary through prayer and financial support, you will learn the turmoil rewards and share in the fruitfulness of their ministry.  May God bless you as you open your heart to the Holy Spirit, willing to be led by Him as you pray for missions and for missionaries.