SEAMIST Worker Training

SEAMIST understands the needs for both pre-field and field training that prepares and equips the missionary and his or her family for the rigors of living and working in a world hostile to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! We use a variety of ways and means to accomplish our training goals.

SEAMIST Missions Training Center, Philippines: SEAMIST operates a pre-field training center for our missionary trainees in Cebu, Philippines. This is our main means of getting missionaries out of the church and into the harvest fields. At the training center, we offer rounds of courses to prepare the workers. Here they study theory as well as practice the skills they will need to effectively preach the gospel and successfully plant churches in hard to reach people groups.

Courses regularly taught include indigenous church planting, how to learn a language, strategic spiritual warfare, world religions, the World Missions Course, analysis – planning – management, leadership courses, support raising, courses on field life, and more. These courses are all designed to lay a foundation for a life of missions ministry. The schedule is intense, we try to do all within two to three months!

Theory is nice, but practice is better. We chose the Philippines for training because it allows us to also introduce our trainees to Asian thinking, values, and relationships. We do some church planting here “for practice” as well as working to reach unreached groups nearby. Our trainees have opportunity to participate and even to lead church planting efforts. We involve that in as much of the process of establishing churches as possible.

Field Training: The best place to train workers in right in the place they will work. We try to get our trainees established on the field with seasoned workers nearby to oversee and advise them as soon as possible. The best scenario is for the trainees to work with a team that is already reaching the same people group, but that is not always possible.

The first year or 18 months of field training is always focused on language and cultural acquisition. We know the value of having workers that are comfortable in another culture and able to communicate effectively. Our approach is “learner, trader, teacher”. Oversight on the field is strengthened by careful planning, written training agreements, and good team leaders. Every trainee knows the priorities, the goals, and the methods they are to use, and that someone is there to help and encourage.

SEAMIST Online Training Center: SEAMIST desires to “equip the saints to do the work of the ministry”. We offer some of our training online to recruit and to equip potential candidates for missionary service. The online courses are primarily theory, but the greatest value to some of the courses offered is that they are supervised by experienced field missionaries. This provides an invaluable resource for the potential missionary as they work out the details of their calling in a relationship with a missionary mentor. Visit our Online Training Center now…

Conferences, Seminars and Training Events: These events always encourage the workers and are the prefect tool for upgrading skills and helping even the most seasoned of missionaries to evaluate and adjust their methods and strategies. Contact us…!

Networking with other Organizations and Agencies: SEAMIST is open to any form of partnership or association that helps us realize our vision. We offer what we have to others, and gladly receive any assistance that will help us reach our goals. Through our SEAMIST Associates program, we reach out to those with similar vision and purpose for South East Asia in hopes that working together we can all do more to bring glory to our Lord.

Missionary Resources: SEAMIST makes some of our own training resources available on our website as well as links to other sites that can help equip missionaries. Some of the materials are free, some are for sale. Visit the Resource Center now…